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The Winkley team mission is to assist you in realizing YOUR dreams by creating and building YOUR perfect dream home. We intimately care about your dream home vision and experience. It is our passion to diligently deliver your dream home needs and desires, all within your planned budget.

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The Winkley Team

Franc Winkley and Jennifer Sundahl Co-Founded Winkley Homebuilders to create a premium Springfield Home Builder service for the Ozarks community. We are advocates for our clients.

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“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established, by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”

Proverbs 24:3-4

Carl Winkley Revised Photo

Remembering Carl Winkley

August 23rd is a day of great significance for Winkley Homebuilders. Fifty-four years ago Carl Winkley unexpectedly at the age of 43 passed from this world into heaven. He was a man of significance because of his steadfast integrity, wisdom and whole-hearted dependence on G-D. His character attributes of strength, honor, balance, integrity and wisdom are the cornerstones of Winkley Homebuilders. We are grateful for Carl Winkley.

Carl Winkley was a loyal son, brother, friend and uncle. His most influential and highly treasured roles in life were that of a husband to his precious wife, Una, and as father to his seven children, Teresa, Julie, Eileen, Tim, Geoff, Marie and Francis. Una, his British bride whom he met while she was safely harbored at a convent while he was stationed in Sydney, Australia, was the love of his life. His commitment and devotion to his wife was evident in his faithful, consistent daily walk with G-D. He recognized and honored the incredible blessing of his beautiful and loving wife, Una. She loved him with all of her heart. This was evidenced in the fact she never remarried and raised seven children on her own as a foreigner in Texas.

Carl Winkley exemplified the rare quality of balance in his life.

Carl Winkley loved his family whole-heartedly and demonstrated his love practically and purposefully with a thoughtful, well-ordered life. Each week Carl invested in his clients well-being as a leader within the insurance industry. However, his successful career did not overshadow his commitment to his family. Carl considered his calling as a husband and father his duty and his greatest honor. He daily approached his commitmentment to his family with intentionality. He nurtured individual relationships with his children by taking turns on Saturdays spending time with them one on one. He planted roots in relationships by accomplishing daily errands and tasks together on the weekend with one of his seven children by his side. He created wonder in the normalcy of life.

Winkley Homebuilders bears Carl Winkley’s name with deep honor and gratitude. His faith-fueled life has had a ripple effect and continues to tremendously influence thousands of lives. Beyond Carl & Una’s seven children, the Winkley family has grown to 16 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. His legacy continues as our company’s guiding purpose is to strive for our clients best interests in helping them experience their G-D given potential in life. We honor the echoes of Carl Winkley’s life today and look forward to his on-going inspiration in our company’s tomorrows.