New Home Construction



Hill Country, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Ranch-Style, Farmhouse, Contemporary and Custom Designs are featured options available to our Springfield Home Builder clients. We have a wide-variety of established home designs with bright, open-concept floor plans. Custom specialized home designs are welcomed projects. With established relationships with a wide variety of gifted architects, we at Winkley Homebuilders are confident we will find the perfect home for you.

Barndominium Design & Construction

In addition to our traditional home build projects, Winkley Homebuilders specializes in Barndominium Design & Construction. Our latest featured design, The Dakota, reflects a spacious, bright living environment that includes a gourmet kitchen layout and spa-inspired en suite master bathroom all within an intentionally planned small footprint. We work with clients to maximize every inch of the living space into exactly what they need to support and enhance their daily lifestyle. Customized Barndominium plans area available through our Design Package.

Real Estate Consultation



Winkley Homebuilders serves a unique need in the growing real estate market. We identify​ answers and solutions in all aspects of our company. We have a particular interest in helping homeowners make educated and informed decisions in all phases of the real estate development process. We’re able to jump into any stage and quickly identify the missing parts of the puzzle.

New land purchase? Let us help you learn everything you can about the property PRIOR to the purchase. Often times a major purchase decision is made without knowing the back story of the land. We are experts at digging into the challenge to help the homeowner discover the benefits and drawbacks on a property. In way we approach each piece of property like an investigative reporter to dissect the investment for the client PRIOR to the purchase. We research potential liens, topography, homeowner association covenants and guidelines, allowable usage, permit requirements, existing surveys, city restrictions, property lines and set-backs, public utilities and more.

This information brings added value to clients as they properly assess the possibilities on a piece of land. We deal in truth and realities. While it might prove difficult for a client to hear restrictions on property their idealized dream, we always advocate for the client’s best interest. Winkley Homebuilding provides a perspective from a non-emotional vantage point. This helps Springfield Home Builder clients make well-informed decisions. Better to find out about drawbacks on an investment prior to a long-term commitment. Information and knowledge are powerful tools for the client to use as they plan for the future and negotiate the best financial terms in agreements.

Storm Damage Restoration



In the Ozarks regions, storms are a normal part of life. While the fluctuating weather proves to be a daily surprise at times, the weather ushers in natural challenges to homeowners with wind, rain and hail damage to their homes. Sometimes the damage is very evident immediately following a storm. Other times, the damage is more discrete and can be overlooked for years.

Winkley Homebuilders are experts in Storm Damage Restoration. With years of experience, our team daily demonstrates its knowledge in storm damage assessment for homeowners. The Storm Damage Restoration process is unfamiliar to many homeowners and its highly common for unintentional, uninformed decisions to be made when communicating with their homeowner insurance company. A large corporate homeowner insurance company can be overwhelming at times for an independent homeowner.

Winkley Homebuilders are specialists when it comes to Storm Damage Restoration insurance claims. Our primary objective in Storm Damage Restoration is to be an educated advocate for the homeowner. Our team is trained in damage caused by storms. We know what to look for in order to help a homeowner establish whether or not damage does exist. If it doesn’t exist, we clearly communicate the true condition. If we do identify storm damage, we thoroughly document the issues through a wide variety of visual and measurement techniques. Then we explain options on the best way for you to contact and communicate your valid concerns with your insurance company. Typically, an insurance adjustor will come on-property to evaluate the condition of your home on behalf of the insurance carrier. Winkley Homebuilders is always present during your insurance adjustor’s assessment appointment. Our team is up on the roof with the insurance adjustor. This helps all parties involved share the same information and lends itself to clear communication from the start. Homeowners don’t have to climb roofs to point out their concerns, Winkley Homebuilders serves as your eyes and ears during the assessment. Then the insurance company makes a determination on best next steps and communicates a decision to you as the homeowner. Winkley Homebuilders walks alongside you every step of the way through the insurance claim process. If you need help understanding or information to challenge decisions, we educate you on the condition of your home. If repairs are approved through an open claim, Winkley Homebuilders has a team ready to tackle the challenge and restore your home to the original condition.

Your home is one of your most valuable financial assets. As homeowners, you faithfully pay your monthly insurance payments. You deserve to have the value of the home preserved after storm damage occurs. Winkley Homebuilders is a trustworthy team of storm restoration specialists who look out for your best interest. As advocates for the client, Winkley Homebuilders wants homeowners to experience the best possible outcome after the storms in life.

Home Remodeling



Winkley Homebuilders helps homeowners reimagine their current living spaces. Life is an ever-evolving process of change. So, it’s natural that our homes need to change over time and the seasons of life. While change feels really scary and uncomfortable to some, Winkley Homebuilders loves to usher in change, transition and new beginnings in existing homes. We heartily welcome the challenges and necessary intricate details Both small and large remodel projects present outstanding opportunities for homeowners to live their best life without changing addresses. Need more natural light…we explore expanding windows, adding skylights or revisiting the interior color palette. Need more space, sometimes the existing footprint simply needs to be redesigned with the removal of walls or repurposed areas. Winkley Homebuilders welcomes the opportunity to build additions on to existing spaces. While the idea might sound overwhelming to some, we at Winkley Homebuilders embrace every Springfield Home Builder​challenge and celebrate with mindful solutions. We dig deep into our client’s expectations and provide choices along the way. Logic and order play integral influences in how we approach a home renovation project. For Winkley Homebuilders, the finished project must reflect the homeowners needs met and dream floor plan fulfilled. We are a premium service provider and Springfield Home Builder clients should expect exceptional results.