Winkley Homebuilders provides a variety of options for finding the perfect home design just right for you.  We feel through thoughtful discussion, intentional planning and meaningful research your ideal home will become a reality.  Initial sketches and dreams evolve into a beautiful home that one day you’ll be standing in with your friends and family.  Home is a place where you deserve to feel safe and warm. Seems fitting that your homebuilding experience should be a very similar experience.  Our hope is that your experience with Winkley Homebuilders is one so incredibly pleasant, rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful that you can’t help but want others to experience it.  We love serving our clients, it’s a motivation that we feel honored to experience every day. 

Winkley Homebuilders recognizes the process of building a home is both exciting and daunting. Often times, people share nightmare stories of building their dream home.  Winkley Homebuilders believes the experience should be peaceful and seamless.  Communication and clear expectations are absolutely key to the process.  We lean towards over communicating: text, email, phone calls, in-person meetings, coffee shop meet ups, showroom discussions in the gathering room and on-site property visits.  These are all excellent examples of regular communication.  Initially, as a new client you might start the journey with Winkley Homebuilders as a referral or acquaintance.  After a homebuilding journey with Winkley Homebuilders, we will know one another well.  We not only want to build your home, we want to build you up along the way.  We find our genuine care for our clients naturally lends itself to organic friendships.  We recognize life is full of ups and downs, peaks and valleys and plenty of unexpected surprises.  We want to be the stable rock that keeps your home build going full speed ahead as you have time to navigate through day-to-day life.  With the amount of financial investment you will commit to your home construction, it seems reasonable and fair to have high expectations of excellence.  In our fast-paced world, it seems in most circumstances the banner of excellent customer service has been dropped.  This one of many areas Winkley Homebuilders stands out from the status quo.  We want your experience to be one of stellar customer service.  A referral from a homebuilder to a friend, neighbor or family member is the highest compliment and reflection of a job well-done that we could achieve. 

We believe you as the homeowner deserve the following: to be treated with kindness and respect.  In a digital age of automated responses, we believe you have the right to expect a timely and efficient response to your phone calls, text messages and emails.  We don’t simply hear our clients needs and requests, we listen to them. Franc Winkley and Jennifer Sundahl, co-founders of Winkley Homebuilders deeply care about each client.   Each weekday starts bright and early with a morning leadership call between Franc and Jennifer.  They start out each meeting with prayer asking for wisdom and guidance in decision making, they pray for their clients’ projects and personal needs.  Franc and Jennifer are whole-heartedly committed to serving their clients.  It’s not uncommon for a late night wrap up conversation or text to be had between the owners about a client’s needs.  Overall, the goal is to make sure the client is well-cared for through the homebuilding process.  The pure and simple ingredients of mutual respect, clear communication, trust, integrity, kindness, creativity and commitment to excellence all aspects of life make up the foundation of Winkley Homebuilders.

Advocacy for the client is a primary goal.  We are not focused on profit, we are focused on fruitfulness for the client and for our team’s families.  We believe when we are communicating and looking out for ways to best serve others within our community there is a hand of favor over the projects.  Blessings emerge organically through HIS grace and mercy.  We want to be a part of encouraging and blessing others.  We believe it’s an honor to be welcomed into a client’s life during the homebuilding process.  Our goal is not to just build a home, but to also build a long-lasting relationship that endures through the years.

We love the idea of building a home that will embrace your memories.  We realize the walls we help build will be the foundation for a legacy in your life.  It’s essential that the structure be strong.  We also believe it’s essential that the process be one that revolves around integrity.  We feel a smooth, competent homebuilding experience will usher in a positive, nurturing atmosphere into your home.  We believe life is important and should be well-spent on the meaningful priorities: health, wellness, love, faith, education, growth, family and adventure. 

Our team at Winkley Homebuilders feels confident in our ability to accomplish high reaching goals.  Our confidence is based on our dependence in our quality, respect-based relationships with our sub-contracting teams.  We also clearly define expectations, goals and timelines with our clients in our initial agreement.  We communicate changes in writing along the way.  We are budget conscious and provide measurable updates throughout the home building process.   Regarding costs, along the way surprises can arise but with clear communication conflict isn’t necessary.  Instead, we always provide the full picture perspective with a cause-and-effect explanation approach coupled with solutions.

Winkley Homebuilders is solution-driven.  Whenever possible we prefer to bring a variety of solutions to the homeowner to resolve unforeseen challenges.  Homebuilding is a monumental task with thousands of details, it’s inevitable for change to transpire through the complicated process.  We embrace the change with a mindset to not shy away from the unexpected.  Rather, we embrace the problems whole-heartedly and don’t relent until we have a mutually agreeable outcome in place with the homeowner.  While challenges may be pop up from time to time, Winkley Homebuilders is never surprised.  Our experience, training and preparedness helps us smoothly navigate through uncharted waters.  We are steadfast and unwavering in our commitment to being client-forward, always putting the client’s needs above all else.