About Us

The Winkley Legacy


Winkley Homebuilders. The name of our company reflects the incredible living legacy of Carl & Una Winkley and his brothers. It’s with exceptional honor that we connect our daily Springfield Home Builder business with the noble character demonstrated in the lives of Carl & Una Winkley.

Carl was equipped with a rare and genuine ability to joyfully accomplish any goal set before him with fortitude, excellence and tenacity. He was passionate about helping others learn and grow in order to reach their personal potential in life. He lived each day with calm sense of intentionality and purpose.

Carl’s highest priorities and greatest honors in his life were to be a loving, devoted husband to his wife and 7 children. Their story began two oceans and thousands of miles away. Carl met the love of his life, Una Angela, in Sydney, Australia while in the Navy during World War II. Una, a young British woman, was staying at an Australian convent as a harbor of safety. Together, they eventually landed in Austin, TX and experienced a vibrant life filled with the many blessings of a committed, healthy covenant honoring marriage. All decisions in his life were fueled by the example he strove to demonstrate to his son.

Carl was a successful insurance representative helping his community make meaningful life decisions. Trusting Carl was second nature to those he encountered for he cared about each individual’s story. He cared for them by treating them with respect and kindness. It brought comfort and confidence to his clients as they trusted him to help them plan for their dreams, finances, time and future. He always looked for opportunities to share his knowledge and wisdom gained from his life experiences as a source of encouragement and growth to anyone he met.

After meeting Carl Winkley, a person would have gained a friend and been encouraged to be a better person. It was always a treasured experience of sincerity and goodness for anyone who knew Carl. Through his authentic relational approach to life, he always left a lasting impression on his family, friends, and his community.

Carl passed away unexpectedly on August 23, 1969 at the age of 43. His wife, Una Angela, persevered with grace and a quiet tenacity through the loss of her husband, best friend and father of her seven children. Originally from England, she was now a widowed foreigner in the land of Texas with seven children to raise on her own. Day by day she lovingly led her children through the challenges, hardships and delights in life with unwavering resilience. Her commitment to her children was her number one focus and priority. As children, she guided them. As adults, she encouraged them through the valleys and mountain top experiences. It was never about drawing attention to herself, she was content and fulfilled encouraging her family through meaningful actions. She was incredibly thoughtful about her words. When Una spoke, one always listened because her words were full of wisdom. She allowed her life experiences to be opportunities for others to learn from. She poured her faith, courage and strength into seven lives that would eventually grow into three more generations. Una loved once. She was devoted to honoring the marriage commitment she made to Carl Winkley the rest of her life. Both Una and Carl left life lasting legacies that continue to inspire so many today, including the founding of Winkley Homebuilders.



The Legacy Continues in Winkley Homebuilders


Franc Winkley and Jennifer Sundahl co-founded Winkley Homebuilders in October 2021. Independently, Franc and Jennifer both had an interest to develop an entrepreneurial venture that would result in a business that would prove fruitful toward their individual families. Each wanted their day-to-day profession to be a reflection of their faith. They shared the mutual respect and prioritization of integrity, excellence, and solution-focused outcomes. Professional opportunities merged and Winkley Homebuilders became a new chapter.

Recognizing the vibrant growth in the community, they felt compelled to create an intentional business partnership that was client-forward offering premium customer service and Springfield Home Builder services to clients in the Branson and Springfield, Missouri markets. As a professional team, Franc & Jennifer are fervently following their callings in this season of life leading Winkley Homebuilders, to become the premier homebuilding company in Southwest Missouri.

Client advocacy is one of the main priorities for Winkley Homebuilders. Franc and Jennifer are committed to serving as advocates for all Winkley Homebuilder clients. They want their clients to have complete confidence in the home building process. From start to finish, excellence is an expectation that the customers should expect while building a home. A home is one of the biggest investments in an individual or family’s life. It’s essential that the investment be made alongside a quality builder.

Clear Communication…this is another cornerstone priority for Winkley Homebuilders. Regular email updates, text message check-ins, clearly understood invoicing and scheduling are normal parts of the Winkley Homebuilders experience. Winkley Homebuilders would prefer to over communicate than for a client to experience a surprise. Naturally, obstacles come up in the home building process, Winkley Homebuilders is always solution-oriented. We welcome Springfield Home Builder challenges because we are always client forward. We use the term client forward often because it places the focus on our homeowners’ needs. Winkley Homebuilders is excellent at meeting homeowners’ needs because of the initial and on-going communication between our team and the clients. Our initial conversation meeting truly is the launch to learning your story. While home is a universal term and experience, it is different and unique to each client. Winkley Homebuilders is intentional in taking time to learn about what’s important to you in your home. Budgets, dreams, hopes, future plans, challenges and victories are all a part of the unique equation involved in defining what home means to you. Winkley Homebuilders makes it a priority to take time at length on the front end of the Springfield Home Builder project to identify mutually agreed upon priorities in order to deliver the home of your dreams. We ask the right questions to help you realize what’s most important to you along the journey to your new home.